A couple of training classes will be available at the Friday Drop-In event. Training this year will be less formal, think less classroom, and more sitting around with a bunch of dudes, pottering with your lockpicks with a nice rich ale and some snacks. Space is limited, so just turn up on Friday (or register where it's necessary) a bit before the training is meant to start, and we'll do our best to fit people in.

Quick List


TitleYo I'm Gunna Make You Blink
AbstractIntroductory Arduino Workshop, with Follower! See the registration form for more details.
LocationFri 16 1300 @ Meow
Duration180 mins
OriginChristchurch, NZ
BioFollower has taught people how to get started with the Arduino at local and international conferences for over three years. You may remember him from Kiwicon and DEF CON talks with demos like the Arduino-based USB fuzzer, Arduino-based DHCP exhaustion attacks and the stylish war-walking hat for the fashion-conscious hacker.

TitleNetwitness Workshop
AbstractFinding elusive bad guys with NetWitness
See the registration form for more information.
LocationFri 16 1400 @ Unconfirmed Location
Duration120 mins
NameChris Thomas
OriginSydney, Australia
BioChris is a corporate suit trying to earn some cred. Be nice.

TitleDrop In Workshops
AbstractThe in2securITy team are running a set of informal drop in workshops on a range of technical subjects including:
  • * Metasploit 101
  • Incident Response Investigation Live
  • Wireless Hacking
If you have suggestions for other sessions - send them in to and we will see what we can do.
LocationFri 16 1400 @ Little Beer Quarter
Duration180 mins
OriginAuckland, NZ
BioIn2securITy is an not-for-profit educational organisation run by the IT security community in New Zealand.

TitleLearn to Pop Your Locks

This is a session going over the basics of lock picking. Even if you have never seen a lock pick, this session will have you popping locks in no time (and no! this isn't a dancing term).

This is aimed at people who have little or no experience with locks and picking.

There will be a few sets of tools for sale (about $20 a set).


  • basics of how a lock works
  • basics of the tools
  • opening a door lock
  • a play with handcuffs
  • other types of locks

and if there is enough time...

  • world domination
LocationFri 16 1430 @ Meow
Duration120 mins
OriginWellington, NZ
BioD.roc is a unix admin in the day and random geek at all times, with a love of good rum and a hate of solaris he has been teaching lock picking for several years and still gets a lol from people stuck in handcuffs.

TitleOrientation Briefing - Surviving Kiwicon 101
AbstractSo this is your first hacker conference? Perhaps you have been before but this year want to be more than just a wallflower?
This 30 minute briefing is a covers some of the OpSec and considerations for making the most of your conference experience without putting yourself at risk (or annoying everyone you meet). Come along, meet other people who are new to Kiwicon, meet a few of the Kiwicon organisers and ask any questions you may have.
LocationFri 16 1700 @ Little Beer Quarter
Duration30 mins
OriginAuckland, NZ
BioIn2securITy is an not-for-profit educational organisation run by the IT security community in New Zealand.