Arduino Workshop

Yo, I’m gunna make you Blink!
Introductory Arduino Workshop

Friday, 16th November 2012; 1pm-4pm. 

Certain members of the Crue have certain “information” on a certain well known Arduino educator and as a result can offer a select group of Kiwicon attendees a unique pre-con educational opportunity.

Think of it as an opportunity to mess around with electronics for an afternoon.

If you’ve been stuck in an Ecuadorian embassy you may not have noticed that the Arduino has enabled many people to step into the world of creating tangible electronic hardware instead of just twiddling pixels. It’s time to stop thinking “it would be cool if could make a...” and start thinking “does this hoodie look too much like a bomb to wear it down the street...”.

It all starts with a blinking LED and you’re going to learn how to get started in this workshop.

When you attend this three hour workshop you will:

No previous hardware or coding experience necessary! You will learn all this from follower who has experience teaching people how to get started with the Arduino at local and international conferences for over three years. You may remember him from Kiwicon and DEF CON talks with demos like the Arduino-based USB fuzzer, Arduino-based DHCP exhaustion attacks and the stylish war-walking hat for the fashion-conscious hacker.

Only twenty Kiwicon attendees will be able to attend this captivating afternoon of electronic tomfoolery so sign up quick!To participate in the hands-on portion of this workshop you’ll need:

Any of these options will have the Arduino and parts you need (and many more for playing with after the workshop). If you buy from Mindkits, put a note "for Kiwicon" in the shipping instructions they'll ship them all to Kiwicon, so it'll be ready and waiting for you at the workshop. If you buy the Inventor's Kit, you'll get a little extra something something, cause Mindkits <3s Kiwicon, and Kiwicon <3s Mindkits (d'awwwww). 

Places are limited to the first twenty people to sign up with the form below. Please don't register unless you're sure you can come, and you're going to turn up equippped and ready to go.