Kiwicon is ... Next Week!?

Nov. 5, 2012 10:18 p.m.

Holy hell, there's a lot to do here at Kiwicon HQ. 

Some updates to the Saturday lineup - Alex Tilley has had to pull out due to Fed commitments, but instead, we have an amazing chat-show worthy lineup; "Three Dudes With Ponytails Talk About Security", featuring the eponymous dudes: Jon Callas, Nicko van Someren and our very own Peter Gutmann. If you're into crypto, ponies, or tails, this talk's for you. 

Later on the Saturday night, we'll be enjoying a drink or two, and, in a new twist for Kiwicon, perhaps you'll join us at a movie? We're screening indie hacker flick "Reboot" - check out the trailer on!