Kiwicon 7: Time to pull out the moderator rods

July 17, 2013 1:59 p.m.

Yes, we start the oddessy once again. Kiwicon 7 is on! The venue is booked for the for 9-10th November 2013 - the horde again returns to the classical grace of the Wellington Opera House. Pricing is to be confirmed, but will be within the same range as last year. A call for papers (and a new website!) should happen soon, but don't feel you have to wait till then to start thinking about what you're gonna submit. As with last year, there will be some stuff happening on the Friday before, if you're dithering about taking Friday and Monday off work to hang out, or hang over respectively.

Unlike DEFCON, feds, spooks, PRISM lawyers, shills, narks and snitches are all welcome to Kiwicon; while they may be jerks, they subsidise your tickets :)

See you too soon, Kiwicon Chums!


The Crue