The Shopping Barrow Returns

Aug. 26, 2012 9 p.m.

Kiwicon 6 ticket sales are open! Yes, you can buy tickets and our fine merchandise in the shopping-barrow, right now. Don't dilly dally, give us your cash straight away. 

After all the Kiwicon pregnancies over the years, we've expanded the available child-sized kiwicon merch for all the little mini-hackers you've spawned - check out the Yoof sizing options for both hoodies and tshirts. Merchandise ordering is available until 28th October. 

As with last year, there are a very limited number (five) HIGH ROLLER tickets available. These are by blind auction - buy your ticket like normal, put your bid in the high roller bid box, and if you're one of the highest rollers by the time merch orders close (28th Oct) you'll get to enjoy Kiwicon 6 in stately, nay REGAL comfort. You will of course have to _pay_ the amount you've bid... which won't be a problem, given how flush with cash you are, you captain of industry, you. 

Happy shopping, and we'll see you at Kiwicon 6. Don't forget to submit your CFP entry if you want to talk, too!